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Cybersecurity Assessment

Discover if your company is well prepared for a cyberattack and what would be the next steps if you are not ready

  • Know the security level of your IT infrastructure
  • Upgrade your security level to reduce the risks of cyber-attack


Productivity Assessment

Take advantage of your Software and discover a new level of productivity

  • Unleash your productivity potential by solving your business problems
  • Receive our recommendations on how to improve your productivity


Cloud Readiness Assessment

Understand how to take advantage of the benefit of moving to the cloud

  • Let us help you establish your cloud journey
  • Discover “Cloud World” advantages


Measure My Platform

Software Asset Management - Control your assets and software licenses mitigating financial risks

  • Having better knowledge of your software usage allows you to define a better asset management strategy
  • Receiving various monthly licensing reports allows you to control your software licensing process

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About us

about us

SOMSight is a digital transformation and productivity boosting platform that allows for control and optimization of software licensing via state of the art technology.

Our company takes advantage of in-depth digital transformation analysis, cloud adoption readiness, cyberthreats prevention, productivity boosting via modern technologies, and investments.