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Modules Free Trial Standard Advanced Corporate
Home check check check check
Discovery check check check check
Hardware check check check check
Software check check check check
Active directory     check check
SAM check check check check
Usage     check check
Basic assesments check check check check
Support service check Limited vía e-mail check 5 x 8 PST check 5 x 8 PST check 5 x 8 PST
Cybersecurity Assestment (Advanced)     check check
Cloud Assestment (Advanced)     check check
Productivity Assestment (Advanced)     check check
Industry Insights       check
Deliverables   Conclusion and Recommendation Reports Conclusion and Recommendation Reports Conclusion and Recommendation Reports
Sam Consultants (conclusion and recommendations)   1 hour/month 4 hour/month 10 hour/month
Service Delivery Manager       4 hour/month
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About us

about us

SOMSight is a digital transformation and productivity boosting platform that allows for control and optimization of software licensing via state of the art technology.

Our company takes advantage of the best of breadth on digital transformation analysis, cloud adoption readiness, cyberthreats prevention, productivity boosting via modern technologies, and investments - governance on software entitlements and usage for the purpose of providing companies with knowledge and capabilities to achieve more in their business.